Climate Justice

Acción de desobediencia el 7 de octubre

During these times when our own extinction is possible, the slogan "rebellion or extinction" allows us to transform our pain into rage, into energy for the uprising for the climate and for our life. We have no other alternative.

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Sometimes I'm consumed by the feeling that we're failing. We're fucked. We're not achieving a change of course. Yes, the discourse has changed. Everyone's talking about the climate emergency now. In some countries, in some regions and in some cities a "climate emergency" has been declared, with no one knowing what this really means.

La Transicionera in the press

We live in a climate emergency. The October IPCC report clearly states that we have until 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and until 2050 to reduce them to 'net zero', if we want to maintain a livable climate and limit global warming to 1.5 Cº. Andalusia is already suffering the consequences of climate change: increased desertification, the increase and virulence of forest fires, extreme weather phenomena such as prolonged droughts or episodes of heavy rainfall, as well as gradual loss and degradation of coastline due to rising sea levels are some of them.

Protesta de Extintion Rebellion en Londres. Foto: Extintion Rebellion

On 3 December 2018 the COP24 will open in Katowice, Poland. A new United Nations conference on climate change that should coordinate the efforts of states to limit temperature increases to levels "significantly below" 2ºC, in accordance with the commitments of the COP21 in Paris.

However, the history of the COPs does not invite much hope for this new edition, as the previous ones did not succeed in steering us away from the serious repercussions of climate change.

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Although we are "all in the same boat", climate change requires an analysis of power.