Seville mobilises for climate justice

La Transicionera in the press

We live in a climate emergency. The October IPCC report clearly states that we have until 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and until 2050 to reduce them to 'net zero', if we want to maintain a livable climate and limit global warming to 1.5 Cº. Andalusia is already suffering the consequences of climate change: increased desertification, the increase and virulence of forest fires, extreme weather phenomena such as prolonged droughts or episodes of heavy rainfall, as well as gradual loss and degradation of coastline due to rising sea levels are some of them.

But the responsibility and consequences of climate change are not the same for everyone: the countries and populations that have benefited most from the exploitation and burning of fossil fuels should assume most of the costs and efforts of reducing emissions, and within these countries have special responsibility multinational companies and people with a high level of income and consumption. The impoverished countries are already suffering the impacts of climate change, especially the marginalized populations, of which women are the most affected. Marginalized populations in rich countries are also already suffering from these consequences: energy poverty, food insecurity, heat and drought. For this reason, the fight against climate change must start from a perspective of global, social and gender justice: Climate Justice.

Despite these realities and the warnings of the scientific community, our governments do not assume their responsibility and do not take the necessary measures. Therefore, given the failure of institutions, only a mobilized population can force radical measures to reduce these emissions. Examples such as strikes by high school students, initiated by Sweden's Greta Thunberg and massively followed in countries such as Australia, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, among others, give us hope. There are also other initiatives that are trying to build the necessary political and social pressure through civil disobedience actions: "Extinction Rebellion", which will take place in Spain from 15 April, or "By 2020 We Rise Up", promoted by the Climate Justice Action network, both of international nature and which are beginning to be replicated in the Iberian Peninsula as well.

Faced with this reality, various organizations of Sevillian civil society want to contribute to this construction of a movement for climate justice that is forming around the planet. Thus, after months of meetings and organizations, various social organizations join the global mobilizations this 15M and call for a day for climate justice that will have two moments:

- Demonstration: start at 12:00 at Plaza Nueva and direction to Las Setas, convened by the student movement Fridays For Future (Here you can see the list of calls worldwide

- Conference "Faced with the climate emergency: are we taking action? Conference and workshop to articulate a debate between the incipient movement for the climate future with a view to developing alliances and strategies of nonviolent action for Seville and Western Andalusia, Organized by various social organizations. The event will take place from 17 to 21h in La Ánonima (Pje. Mallol, 16, 41003 Sevilla).